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06.10.2015 by Autodealer

Kia’s entry level Picanto LS

IT’S nearing that time of your child’s life when they spread their wings and fly away to university or to that job. Buying them a new car to help them on their ...
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06.10.2015 by Autodealer

Fuel prices and apps to help you save

THE fuel price has once again decided that it will take on the role of a yo-yo, going up and down, with the latest fuel price increase and decrease. Here are th...
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05.10.2015 by Autodealer

Roads closed in Sandton for EcoMobility Month

THERE are millions of vehicles on our Gauteng roads each and every day. People rushing from all corners of the province for work. Unfortunately, due to the amou...
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05.10.2015 by Autodealer

Volkswagen South Africa emissions statement

THE motoring world has been shaken following the recent discovery that Volkswagen has been using a special software - in the United States - in an attempt to tr...
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05.10.2015 by Sean Nurse

What’s the deal with SA Car of the Year?

IT’S that time of the year again, when the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists (SAGMJ) Car of the Year (COTY) jury members select the finalists for the ...
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Car owner's feedback

2015 Ford 2015 model

I bought a new car out of the box, paid cash for the vehicle. This vehicle was bought as a cash deal. I am very unhappy with this vehicle because on driving within in the complex it makes an extremely unpleasant noise coming from the engine side. I have been back to **** dealership in which they asked me to record the noise. This noise does not appear to happen every day but now is becoming more frequent. I bought this car in July and the very next day I had the problem. A mechanic came out to look at the car and tried to ascertain where the noise came from without any luck. I have been in contact with the dealer princilpal who appeared to be unaware of what was happening and is now asking me to keep a record of time, mileage and where this unsatisfactory noise came from. **** dealership had the car for 5 weeks and they said there was nothing wrong with the car . They had taken the car out without the noise happening. The sales consultant appears to be uninterested and has not given us any help which I think is disgusting. ****Dealership name removed

2014 Hyundai hyundai veloster 1.6

very nice car and exciting to drive


Bought the car second hand with service records and in mint condition. I really enjoy driving the car, but;

2011 Geely LC GL

Bought the little car for next to nothing last year to use to work and back. Have been forced to use the car for business trip with 2 other guys and luggage on a 600km round trip the other day due to a breakdown, and it coped amazingly well

2012 Opel Meriva 1.4T Cosmo

The worst car I have ever driven.

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