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Volkswagen Polo Vivo Author: Keene
Good day Mr Sbusiso, have you already purchased your new VW if not I will be willing to assist you. ...
Volkswagen Polo Vivo Author: Keene
Hope you are well have you already purchsed you Vivo if not and you are still looking to buy you can...
GWM C30 Author: hayes
Looking to buy a c30 can any one tell me if theres any problems with car

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$1.0 =R 10.864
€1.0 =R 13.696
£1.0 =R 17.380

Oil Price = $ 82.200

e.g. "325i", "2010", "Automatic", "Turbo"

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BMW unveil new X5 and X6 M

30.10.2014 by Autodealer
We’ve always thought the BMW X6 and X5 M cars were ludicrous things; they seemingly defied physics with their unbelievable performance in relation to their weight and height, but at the same time, made very little sense.
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Service your Audi and ride in an R8

30.10.2014 by Autodealer
AUDI South Africa has launched a service initiative for its customers. For a limited time only, customers with vehicles out of the Audi Freeway Plan who book their vehicles in to selected Audi dealers, may be offered a shuttle to their home or office in an Audi R8 V10 Plus.
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Sao Paulo to usher in Renault Duster Oroch

29.10.2014 by Autodealer
RENAULT has chosen the 28th Sao Paulo Motor Show in Brazil, taking place from 30th October to 9th November, to unveil its Duster Oroch concept.
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Hottest R8 to date announced

29.10.2014 by Autodealer
THE Audi R8 has been with us for years and has evolved into one of the most accessible and enjoyable vehicles to drive in its segment. Never satisfied, the engineers at Audi have announced a Competition version of the German supercar.
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Road Tests

Be the Change with Aunty "B"

29.10.2014 by Aunty B
WIN a Puzey Motorcylce, Anti smash-and-grab window tinting, Lukas dash cam or a Parrot hands-free kit
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Mahindra has a platform to grow

28.10.2014 by Stuart Moir
WHEN Mahindra offered the XUV500 to Autodealer to test, I was a bit apprehensive at first. However, after spending a week with the vehicle, I was pleasantly surprised.
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Mercedes-Benz SL500 SL an instant classic

28.10.2014 by Gavin Foster
The infinite monkey theorem states that, given an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of keyboards and an infinite amount of time, one of them would eventually come up with the complete works of William Shakespeare.
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Nissan Navara’s one last Safari

27.10.2014 by Sean Nurse
THE Nissan Navara has been with us since 2006 and as such, Nissan has provided a value-packed version dubbed the Safari, which is aimed at the 4x4 enthusiast.
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Car owner's feedback

2014 Audi A1 Comfort

Overheating after 4000km

2013 Chevrolet chev utility 1.4

drives ok but has vibration from 60 70 kmh and above. dealer said it is normal for this type of vehicle.

2014 Mercedes-Benz S class 2014

In South Africa you need a reliable car. The new Mercedes Benz S class has a serious issue. The car intermittently refuses to restart after an eco stop. Imagine buying the supposed to be best and most reliable sedan in the world, and then to have an experience of most unreliable! Worst is the dealer, with the apparent assistance of Mercedes Benz Germany are unable to fix the problem!

2013 Toyota Fortuner 3.0D4D Auto 4x2

My beauty is a beast. I am petite in size and she makes me feel powerful and sure of myself. The ride is smooth and powerful. Would not let go of my car.It takes time to get warm in the mornings especially in winter. Light on fuel but a bit cramped at the back , the rear seats, little extra space needed.

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