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Toyota Etios Cross Author: kefilwe
i am looking for this car and cant seem to find it in stock please help
Toyota Etios Cross Author: kefilwe
i cant seem to find this car in stock where can i find it?
Ford Figo Author: First Car
Drove the 1.4 petrol version for a while, got really bad feul consumption but this could also be tha...

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$1.0 =R 10.946
€1.0 =R 13.564
£1.0 =R 17.138

Oil Price = $ 76.510

e.g. "325i", "2010", "Automatic", "Turbo"

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Toyota’s Mirai powers the future

21.11.2014 by Autodealer
AS WE know, fossil fuels cannot last forever. Couple this with increasing emissions restrictions and you have an energy crisis in the future. We need another way in which to power our vehicles and in this light, Toyota has announced that it will launch its Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Japan, on 15th December, before introducing it to the UK and other selected European markets, in September 2015.
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New Shelby GT350 revealed

21.11.2014 by Autodealer
FORD has sold over nine million Mustangs since the 1960s and yet, as South Africans, we’ve had to rely on movies, print and various websites to experience the Shelby Mustang GT350s of old. However, with the confirmation that the new Mustang is coming to South Africa, could we see the first new Shelby GT350 here?
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Toyota Land Cruiser: An icon updated

21.11.2014 by Autodealer
THE Land Cruiser 70 series range needs no introduction. It has forged its own reputation for rugged off-road ability and unrelenting reliability throughout the years. Now, the icon has received a specification upgrade for 2015.
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Versatile Mercedes GLA 45 AMG has serious street cred

20.11.2014 by Autodealer
WITH the launch of the A 45 and the CLA 45 AMG variants fresh my mind, I attended the track-based launch of the GLA 45 AMG. Here we have a vehicle based on an A-Class platform except now, the ride height is increased to provide this performance car with some degree of pavement-hopping ability.
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Road Tests

Mercedes AMG S-Class a jet for the road

19.11.2014 by Sean Nurse
THE S63 AMG is a car that’s all about numbers… R2 270 704 is what it will cost you to have one parked in your driveway. There’s 430kW/900Nm from its 5.5-litre biturbo V8 engine and finally, over two tons of bulk for these oily bits to lug around.
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Jaguar F-Type Coupé cat defies the norm [VIDEO]

19.11.2014 by Sean Nurse
THERE’S quite a bit to be said about the Jaguar F-Type, especially the F-Type R Coupé that I recently had the opportunity to drive.
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M Division’s new monster [VIDEO]

18.11.2014 by Sean Nurse
THERE’S something about a BMW M3 that’s always set it apart from its rivals; from the original e30 all the way to the new f80 (which I regrettably returned recently).
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Be the Change with Aunty "B"

18.11.2014 by Aunty B
WIN a Puzey Motorcylce, Anti smash-and-grab window tinting, Lukas dash cam or a Parrot hands-free kit
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Car owner's feedback

2012 Tata xenon 2.2 dicor dropside bakkie 2012

Had to redo Diff just out of 12 month warranty .Let agents do the job . Made it in by the day as diff screaming like a cat being swung by its tail .Can't pull away with load on slight gradient . Had check engine light coming on constantly in early months, to be told was air filter just a few hundred kilos after service . Have replaced thrust bearing . Ha fuel line leak on allumiium feeders. Now has a constant stall when revs low and engine Hot .Have replaced several components deemed to be the problem and still no succs . BOO for this Tata > Looking to trade in when i get it back

2010 Subaru Outback 2.5 AWD

The Outback is a great family car. It has loads of space and can go almost anywhere.

2014 Audi A1 Comfort

Overheating after 4000km

2013 Chevrolet chev utility 1.4

drives ok but has vibration from 60 70 kmh and above. dealer said it is normal for this type of vehicle.

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