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Toyota Etios Cross Author: magodi
gud short and gud price. this is the nice baby that toyota has done.is it right for long distance
Toyota Etios Cross Author: magodi
i think this is the best baby toyota has made . is it good for long distance? :)
Renault Sandero Stepway Author: lejaha masekhoane
Im interested in the new stepway, does it came with the volume adjustable buttons as I see on the pi...

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$1.0 =R 10.902
€1.0 =R 14.131
£1.0 =R 17.747

Oil Price = $ 92.920

e.g. "325i", "2010", "Automatic", "Turbo"

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New Toyota concept car to be revealed in Paris

17.09.2014 by Autodealer
TOYOTA will present a new C-HR concept vehicle at the Paris Motor Show, which runs from the 2nd to the 19th October, revealing the company’s innovative vision for a compact crossover model.
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Nimble Toyota i-ROAD takes to the streets of Grenoble, France

16.09.2014 by Autodealer
TRAFFIC is something that’s affecting every motorist around the world and manufacturers are coming up with various ideas to tackle this problem.
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ALS ice bucket challenge

15.09.2014 by Autodealer
Autodealer would like to thank Southern office of Caxton for the ALS ice bucket challenge.
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A little off the top - altering a vehicle’s mileage

15.09.2014 by Stuart Moir
WE’D all love to go back in time and we often reminisce about the past, but what if you’re an unsuspecting buyer of a used car, with an odometer that’s had the mileage reversed?
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Road Tests

Ballade screams value for money

16.09.2014 by Sean Nurse
THE Ballade badge means a lot to me. My first car was a grey 1994 180i Honda Ballade SR4 with the wonderful 97kW B18B3 engine. I’ll spare you a trip down memory lane and just say that I loved my Ballade and expected quite a bit from the second-generation of this sedan after its revival some three years ago.
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Nissan’s rejuvenated urban cross-over, the Qashqai

16.09.2014 by Stuart Moir
HAVING spent a substantial amount of time behind the wheels of various guises of the first generation Nissan Qashqai, it was quite a revelation driving the new breed of vehicle.
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Ertiga a pleasure for soccer-moms

15.09.2014 by Farzana Chaumoo
DESCRIBED as a soccer-mom van, I got to roam around in the Suzuki Ertiga GLX recently. Meaning, Swift with Three Rows (in Indonesian), this seven-seater compact Life Utility Vehicle (LUV) was launched in India and Indonesia in 2012, and brought to South Africa earlier this year.
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Refreshed Polo plays a different game

05.09.2014 by Stuart Moir
THERE’S a reason why the VW Polo range is the most popular selling car in South Africa. It’s like one of those love-to-hate nerds at school who can just do everything perfectly, well… almost perfectly.
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2013 Toyota Fortuner 3.0D4D Auto 4x2

My beauty is a beast. I am petite in size and she makes me feel powerful and sure of myself. The ride is smooth and powerful. Would not let go of my car.It takes time to get warm in the mornings especially in winter. Light on fuel but a bit cramped at the back , the rear seats, little extra space needed.

2012 Geely LC Cross 1.3

The Geely Lc Cross is very easy to drive. The steering and gears feel sturdy. The Cross is quick of the mark and can be very nippy in city traffic. Body is strong and overall well build.

2010 Chery QQ


2014 Tata Super Ace DLE

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