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Ford Figo Author: pearl
I love figo 1.4 diesel turbo and want to buy one, what amount can I possibly pay monthly and deposit...
I really like the Stepway, but I do not fancy the tiny engine. Do you have a Stepway with bigger, s...
TATA Indica Author: Bongiwe

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$1.0 =R 11.850
€1.0 =R 13.069
£1.0 =R 17.710

Oil Price = $ 49.210

e.g. "325i", "2010", "Automatic", "Turbo"

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New Jaguar XF seen lurking in London

26.03.2015 by Autodealer
NOT so long ago we brought you Justin’s road test on the Jaguar XF. Now though, we have reports of an all-new XF model, which has been seen lurking 240 metres above London city. We have further details here.
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Hyundai’s H100 now Benoni-built

24.03.2015 by Sean Nurse
I recently travelled to Benoni, well when I say travelled I mean I drove a few kilometres from my home in Benoni to the Commercial Vehicles Division of Hyundai Automotive South Africa situated in Apex, Benoni on the East Rand. The reason for my visit was to see that in addition to the HD truck range, Hyundai will also be assembling the popular H100 work horse in the local factory.
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Under the skin the new Discovery Sport is a true Land Rover.

24.03.2015 by Autodealer
Land Rover South Africa is on a bit of a roll lately. They recently set a land speed record with their supercharged Range Rover Sport making it the fastest SUV in the country, until someone else tries to break the record. We here at Autodealer are also very impressed with the diesel version of the Range Rover Sport. However, this is not about any of those cars. We have news on the all-new Land Rover Discovery Sport. Is it still a true Land Rover? We have some details to answer that question.
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Keep calm and read this about the beastly Golf R400

23.03.2015 by Autodealer
The latest Golf R model was introduced with 206 kilowatts of power and all-wheel drive. It handles the sprint to 100km/h in around 5 seconds and attains a top speed of 250 km/h (governed) - this is the sharpest production Golf ever and one of the most agile sports cars in its class. However the potential of the Golf enables even further extensions to the limits of what is feasible in sporty performance. Now for those of you who would remember, Volkswagen teased us with a concept Golf not so long ago. The Wild Golf, dubbed the R400 was proof that Volkswagen was able to make the R even hotter. Well, guess what…
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Road Tests

Volkswagen Jetta, the subtlety king

26.03.2015 by Justin Jacobs
JUST about everyone I know has owned or knows of someone who’s owned a Volkswagen Jetta and some of them still own them. The Jetta, like the Golf is one of Volkswagen’s more iconic vehicles; it offers ample comfort, a large boot and has proven to be quite reliable. Unfortunately, the Jetta is a car that will pass by you and you wouldn’t even notice it. Volkswagen has decided to change that with the latest model. I spent some time with it to see how good it really is.
Full article

Crossover SUV battle: Juke vs ASX

17.03.2015 by Sean Nurse
RECENTLY I had the opportunity to drive two small crossover SUVs that don’t traditionally compete with one another. I couldn’t help but compare the two vehicles because despite the fact that they offer the consumer two very different packages, they still satiate that ever-growing small SUV/crossover market.
Full article

Who’s the boss? Ranger vs Hilux

16.03.2015 by Justin Jacobs
WE ALL know how passionate some people can get about rugby. I’ve had the unfortunate privilege of actually witnessing a fist-fight between two guys. The fight was about a particular rugby game and from what I can remember there were some low-blow comments made about the one team. Nowadays I’ve witnessed many more arguments about cars and in particular, bakkies. I was recently given the Toyota Hilux Legend 45 and the Ford Ranger Wildtrak and my task was simple… find out which is better.
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Volkswagen Touareg pulls like a train

12.03.2015 by Justin Jacobs
WHEN you’re thinking about a premium SUV, names like BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz ML and the Porsche Cayenne probably come to mind, right? Well, Volkswagen - yes, the same company that makes the Vivo and Jetta - also has a premium SUV. It doesn’t carry the same price tag as the Porsche but it can go places that the ML can’t and it has more torque than the X5 yet, it is equally as exclusive and luxurious as all of those. I’m talking about the bold, new Volkswagen Touareg. I spent a week with the new Touareg to see if it’s any good.
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2008 Mazda 3 sedan 2.0i

Its superb, very fast got everything, eg sunroof, sports bumper, electric windows and so on............

2014 Audi A4

Worst car I have ever owned. Perception created about quality by the general public is overrated.

2015 Renault Sandero 900t Stepway

Very comfortable, well put together car. Numerous compliments on the appearance, and a real-head turned. Drives like a dream.

2007 BMW 323i

Bought my 323i and within 3 weeks it has let me down twice and the electronic window failed then the electronic sunroof failed. Very disappoined

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