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  • Toyota Hilux Single Cabs Motoring Review

    The Toyota Single Cab is no unique visitor to the market of power horses that deliver economic value without negating on comfort and luxury. It has become a real contender with real economic benefits befitting varied needs of industries and of commerce. The Hilux single cab comes as part of list of compact pickup trucks that are produced and marketed by  the Toyota Motor Corporation.

    The Toyota Hilux Single cab provides options in either a diesel or a petrol engine. The diesel range comes in the 2.0 liter engine with the ability to churn out 100kW and 182Nm of torque and the 2.7 liter engine produces 118kW and 241 Nm of torque. The 2.0 litre engine embraces the latest technology of VVT-i resulting in optimized power and better economic value. The diesel engine is provided with a 2.5 liter engine that has the latest technology D-4D and a 3.0 liter engine, also with the D-4D technology.

    The two diesel engine variants come as latest generation aluminium cylinder head and turbo charged common rail direct injection engines. While with a lower power outage of 75kW and a torque estimated to be at 200Nm, the diesel engine’s strength is in its ability not to tire easily. This engine can go for hours on the road and never tire. The 3.0 liter (petrol?) engine boasts a respectable 120kW and 343 Nm and this engine embraces the variable vane turbocharger and intercooler.

    Features on the single cab are very varied and they provide real benefits of a workhorse. These include the dual glove boxes, 2 cup holders, PVC floor covering, fuel tank protector, rear & front mud flaps, door pockets, tinted windows, height adjustable steering wheel, rack and pinion power steering, remote fuel flap release, load sensing, proportion and bypass valve for rear brakes and safety cell cab construction. The workhorse comes with an 80litre fuel tank that gives the truck the ability to cover greater mileage to work over time. It also uses the ABS braking system and also comes with both driver and passenger airbags.

    The 4WD Hilux models feature a low range gearbox for serious off-road work and can be switched between standard 2WD and 4WD modes at speeds of up to about 80km/h. It comes with a rear differential lock fitted as standard to boost traction further making the Hilux a formidable off-road machine. It embraces the double wishbone front suspension enabling it to carry loads of over 1000kgs. With the double wishbone the Hilux does not suffer with the tendency to slip back and roll back on rough terrains. The power-steering, a tilt adjustable steering column, an MP3 compatible CD stereo, air-conditioning, an alarm and an Immobilizer makes the Hilux an easy to handle and comfortable truck, one that does not disappoint.

    The pickup family of the Hilux includes various models, each suiting its specific use on the market. There is the Single cab, the Extra cab and then the double cab. For a truck meant for business the single cab and extra cab are offered in the lower trim levels and these provide maximum economic benefits. At the upper trim level there is the double cab, which now provides greater comfort and luxury and still maintains the balance of an economic car.

    The Toyota single cab is part to a family of 18 models, thanks to the latest upgrades on the Hilux model range. This enables Toyota to cater for all varied needs of the market and also to remain a strong competitor in the double cab line up. There is great focus by Toyota to provide vehicles that offer key features in safety, economies of scale, comfort and also durability. Thus it becomes very difficult and also, quite frankly, impossible to dismiss the Toyota Hilux single cab, no matter what your needs and preferences are, because this truck has something to offer, something tangible and real to the market.

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