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Take time to read up on your favourite vehicles and compare them to their rivals as you study different specifications, watch videos, post or read reviews, or enter into some of the discussions on specific models.

With thousands of new cars to choose from, you will be able to gather all the new car specs and information you will need before booking a test drive with a nearby dealer and putting what you have read to the test!

Buying a new vehicle, especially for the first time buyer, can become a daunting task once the buyer starts looking at what the market has to offer. Each brand has a myriad of new cars to choose from and almost every sales person has what seems like a valid reason for you to buy his product.

One way to help you to choose correctly is to first establish what type of vehicle you require. Are you going to use it for shopping and running the kids around or are you looking for a more fancy up market product as a second car?

Once you have established the type of car you need the next step is to do some research on what is available. The best way of doing this is through the many reviews that are available which should consist of a balanced opinion of the various vehicles available on the market.

www.AutoDealer.co.za offer reviews on virtually all of the products that feature on our pages reviews which can be a great informational piece to have when determining which car you want to buy. These reviews have been written by our consultants after careful research gleaned from many different sources. In addition to this there are many other websites that cater for reviews written by the car owners themselves. As a new car buyer however, you must understand that the information found on these sites is based on the opinions and factual experiences of the owners and could be biased due to many different reasons.

Once you have narrowed down your choice of cars based on knowing what you require and based on what you have read in the car reviews, you are ready to go to enquire on-line with us and have a nearby authorised dealer contact you so that you begin test driving your vehicle. If you have done your homework properly you will be well informed and will be able to ask the right questions and, who knows, you may also be able to use this well earned information to negotiate an excellent deal.