Step 1: Contact information of the seller

By clicking "Add a vehicle" I do confirm that:

  • I am the owner of this vehicle.
  • All information provided is correct.
  • I allow Vehicle Traders Financial Services cc to sell my vehicle on my behalf.
  • I have good quality pictures of the vehicle.
  • I have read and understand how Vehicle Traders Financial Services cc will facilitate the sale of my vehicle.

Our fee

  • Our service is completely free unless we sell your vehicle, so you have nothing to lose.
  • Our commission to facilitate the sale of your vehicle is only 3,5% (Plus Vat) of the selling price or a minimum of R4000 (Plus Vat).
  • The only other cost to you is R750 for a roadworthy and multipoint check done by the AA. This is very important as it gives the buyer more confidence in buying your car privately.
  • If you have any questions or complaints about anything, please contact me personally on 021 853 0999 during office hours.

  Sell Your Car privately and get more for it

If you want to sell your car quickly and efficiently - then this service is for you!

Tel: 021 853 0999
Cell: 082 396 4630

Who are we?

We are Vehicle Traders Financial Services cc, an ABSA "YOUR PRIVATE DEAL" Franchise. We provide Private Vehicle Finance and will personally facilitate/broker the sale of your vehicle on your behalf.

By using us to facilitate/broker the sale of your vehicle we can ensure you that:

  • You will have the best vehicle marketing platform in South Africa
  • Professional advice from our highly trained facilitators/brokers
  • Safe and hassle free transaction
  • Complete confidentiality

Steps involved:

Load your vehicle on to our website right now, but please use good quality pictures. (To maintain our quality of service, vehicles with poor quality pictures will be rejected). Once loaded, one of our facilitators/brokers will contact you to confirm the vehicle details, price and ownership.

If someone is interested in your vehicle:

  • They will contact us directly
  • We will establish their scenario around buying your car
  • Arrange finance for them
  • Consider buying their trade-in
  • We will set up a test drive with you at one of our dealerships or nearest broker
  • Arrange that your car goes to the AA for a Road worthy and multipoint check prior to the sale going through
  • Get the money from the buyer/bank; pay it over to you and release the vehicle to the buyer.