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50 Shades of Red: The best red cars this Valentine’s Day


It’s that time of the year again where love is in the air on Valentine’s Day. The shops are awash with red regalia and gifts that allow you to express your love and affection to the one that you love, care about or just have a secret crush on.

Here at Autodealer we’re doing things a bit differently and scouring the new car market for the best shades of red that we can find.

Red, as an automotive colour gets a bad rap, with higher insurance premiums, more attention from police, the impression that it fades with time and of course, that red belongs on performance cars. Many of these urban myths can easily be busted. Paint technology has come a long way, meaning faded red paint is a thing of the past.

A study in the United States also found that white cars are more frequently pulled over by police than red cars, while insurance companies don’t care as much about the colour of the car as the type of car when it comes to calculating premiums. Here are our ten favourite shades of red from manufacturers that us regular folk can afford to purchase a vehicle from.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Red: We’re trying to stick to the more attainable brands on this list. Therefore, Ferrari has been replaced by a company that it works very closely with, and indeed, a manufacturer that shares its affinity for painting its cars red. Alfa Romeo has a long and illustrious motorsport history and while a colour such as Competizione Red gets all of the attention, the Alfa Red is more traditional and really suits each and every car from the Alfa stable.


Tango Red: Audi is a very sophisticated if somewhat understated brand. It certainly builds beautiful vehicles. If you’re after an Audi and want a colour that will make its design really stand out, we suggest considering Tango Red. It looks good on everything from a Q2 to an A4.


Frozen Dark Red Metallic: We had to include a matte colour on this list and what better way to get our textured paint fetish out of the way than with the striking red seen on the First Edition BMW M5 models. It’s a rather dark red which combined with its matte finish makes it really distinctive. A few of the 400 First Edition M5 models are coming to South Africa, so keep an eye out for this colour.


Race Red: It may be called the Blue Oval, but come on, we just couldn’t resist including a red Ford in our palette. It just has such a cool name, and besides, the Mustang and Fiesta ST look really good painted this shade.


Soul Red Crystal/Metallic: Another deep red can be found in the Mazda line-up. With products that feature the KODO design language, Mazda needed a colour that helped emphasise how stylish their new products are. Expect to see this colour showing the very best side of the Mazda2, Mazda3, and CX-3 and CX-5 models in particular.


Designo Hyacinth Red Metallic: This colour's name is quite a mouthful, but a red as complex and visually appealing as this justifies its name. It certainly turns heads and looks fantastic on many Mercedes-Benz models, including the C-class coupe and the GLE.


Power Red: Here we have a colour from a brand that has really reinvented itself of late. It is a more traditional, simplistic take on a red, but it still makes a statement. We chose this red over the other options within the Opel range because we feel that it really makes the Astra and Corsa models look sporty.


Passion Red: One of the richest red hues you’re likely to come across is Renault’s Passion Red. This metallic colour really helps show off the rather highly stylised new Renault products. Expect to see this colour on models such as the Clio and Captur.


Cinnabar Metallic: As much as we enjoy a basic, sporty red, the influx of complex shades of red within the automotive realm has really caught our attention. This colour looks particularly good on the Toyota RAV4, the Yaris Pulse and of course, the company’s breakthrough crossover, the C-HR.


Tornado Red: South Africa’s favourite attainable performance cars are the Volkswagen Golf GTI and R models. Both of these are consistently top of the sales charts in their respective segments and both look equally arresting finished in Tornado Red. This colour really suits the GTI in particular and is certainly one of the sportiest reds around.

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