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Avoid becoming a hi-jack victim [COMPETITION]


REMOTE jamming and hi-jacking has become common practise on our roads, in our driveways and in our parking lots. It’s therefore vital to make sure you’re aware when driving.

Hi-jackers are constantly on the lookout for easy targets and victims. It’s essential that you remain vigilant. Hide valuables, keep a safe following distance so that you can react should the need arise, and ensure your vehicle’s doors are locked at all times.

When parking your car, check that the doors are locked before walking away. Incidents of remote jamming have increased in recent months as a thief will block the key remote’s signal leaving your car unlocked as you go on your way.

It’s important to be aware of your environment and your surroundings. Always be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles and persons, when stopping and make a point of changing your daily route home, on a regular basis.

Should you become a victim of hi-jacking, give the thieves whatever they want; your life is worth more than your car. If you have children in the back seats, make sure you get them out the car first before you leave the vehicle and keep them calm to the best of your ability.

Make sure you’re always aware of where the nearest police station is to report the incident. Alternatively, if you’re being followed, drive straight to the police station. Being vigilant is crucial to ensure your safety.

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Article written by Beryl Knipe
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