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Commuting on Black Friday: Top Tips


From what started in the United States as a Friday that marked the start of the festive period and subsequently an exponential increase in the number of shoppers in stores to where we are today, where American stores hold massive sales in retail outlets once a year and call this chaos ‘Black Friday’.

As an African nation we have hopped on to the bandwagon along with local retailers who now have massive sales on the last Friday of November of each year.

This year is set to be the biggest Black Friday ever in South Africa, so we have some tips that will help you navigate your way through this day of retail therapy.

Get a live traffic GPS application on your phone

Applications such as Waze or Google Maps can provide live traffic information based on reposts by other users. So if there is severe traffic in an area as a result of a Black Friday sale, you’ll be notified and rerouted.

Avoid routes with shopping centres

It sounds obvious, but consider how many stores you pass on any given day on your way to work. Some of these areas may have increased congestion as people queue outside stores waiting for them to open.

Time your drive

Leaving for work earlier and the leaving the office as a result of starting work earlier will allow you to be on the road before the shops open, and of course to avoid the rush as people flood the stores before they close.

Be extra vigilant

If you’re one of the shoppers involved in the hunt for bargains, ensure that you park your vehicle properly as the shopping centre parking area will likely be full. Also be aware when walking back to your car with goods as criminals may see you as an easy target when you’re loading the items in the car.

Prepare for traffic

If you’ve hit gridlock despite trying your best to avoid problems on this Black Friday, you’d likely be very grateful for something to drink and perhaps a snack, so prepare and pack a little extra the night before.

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Article written by Sean Nurse
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