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Don’t tire of checking tyres [COMPETITION]


MOST of us underestimate the importance of checking our vehicle’s tyres. What many of us don’t know is that it’s only four fingers of tread actually making contact with the road.

So, it’s critical that your tyres are properly maintained as they are responsible for keeping your car firmly planted on the black stuff.

It’s vital that you have a minimum legal tread depth of one millimetre, as this will help in wet weather and for braking. Additionally, make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. The recommended pressures can usually be found inside the sill of the driver’s door or inside the fuel cap.

Under or over inflating your tyres will seriously affect their performance on the road as grip levels can be diminished and wear can increase dramatically.

Over inflating one’s tyres can result in tyre failure and blowouts, especially when overloading the vehicle. It is therefore critical to maintain the correct pressures, as this will mean the tyres will wear evenly. Turning your steering wheel full lock left and right will allow you to view your tyre wear.

These small, quick checks can ultimately save your family’s life. And when it’s time to replace your worn tyres, head down to a reputable tyre-replacement specialist to ensure you get the very best service and advice.

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Article written by Beryl Knipe
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