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Top tips to get your car through the heat


It’s that time of the year again where the mercury rises and we experience a traditional African summer. Only this year it has been particularly dry and hot.

Just the other day, the thermometer at the Autodealer office ticked over the 40 degree mark. One important thing to remember, is that the biggest killer of any vehicle with an internal combustion engine is heat. In addition to the heat causing problems for the mechanical bits on our vehicles, other parts on our cars also take strain.

Here are some tips to help your car survive these sweltering conditions:

Check your tyres

Did you know that heat can affect your tyre pressure and tread? Ensure you have your tyres checked regularly and have them inflated to the recommended figures, which are also dependent on vehicle load.

Air is relatively unstable and in hot conditions, your tyres may expend to more than recommended pressures. We recommend having your tyres filled with nitrogen. This relatively inexpensive exercise can be carried out by a reputable tyre fitment centre and will certainly prolong your tyre life and reduce the possibility of a blow-out.

Check your car battery

A car’s battery capacity decreases during the hot summer months. This is concerning for your battery’s life-span and your general convenience. If it falls below the recommended capacity, it may have to be replaced, so check those batteries regularly.

Replace wiper blades

Windscreen wipers contain rubber and when this material is exposed to the sun it perishes rather quickly. This could lead to reduced visibility when it does actually rain and significantly increases your chances of an accident.

Have your vehicle’s cooling system checked

The anti-freeze / water combination that runs through your cooling system is all that is keeping your vehicle from overheating. Have the system checked to ensure that the thermostat is working properly, that the radiator isn’t leaking and just to be safe, have the system flushed and replace the anti-freeze and water to ensure that your car gets the best cooling possible.

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