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Subaru unveils STI BRZ concept


HERE, at Autodealer, we currently have a Subaru WRX in our long-term garage. We admire the racing heritage behind the Subaru badge and the cars cornering ability is also pretty impressive. So, when we saw this BRZ STI concept we just had to share it with you.

The STI Performance Concept - which was unveiled at the STI Performance Concept at the 2015 New York International Auto Show - signifies a plan for U.S. expansion of Subaru Tecnica International (STI), the performance division of Subaru, in its three core business areas: aftermarket parts, STI-tuned cars and motorsports.

The expansion has already begun, with STI-engineered parts replacing Subaru Performance Tuning (SPT) aftermarket parts in the U.S. market, and with STI's increasing engineering presence in Subaru of America's Global Rally Cross team.

STI models feature more extensive modifications from the factory such as suspension, performance, braking, chassis and aerodynamic upgrades.

The STI Performance Concept is a showcase for the engineering prowess and tuning capability of STI, featuring the racing engine developed by STI for the BRZ Super GT race car, suspension and chassis components and aerodynamic upgrades.

Complete cars (extensive tuning by STI) and performance parts available now in Japan, focus on the WRX STI, Forester and BRZ models. The Japanese domestic market uses the nomenclature "S model" as its naming for the WRX STI and uses "tS" on BRZ and Forester vehicles that have STI components, but a naming convention for any future U.S. models has not yet been established.

So far, we’re not sure if any of these modifications will reach South Africa but we are pretty sure that someone out there will fabricate a body kit for the BRZ. We know there are already tuning kits available from other performance houses. We sure do hope that Subaru South Africa considers bringing in some of these upgrades.

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