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1974 to 2014 – a look into the past


HISTORY is fascinating, seeing how things have changed and evolved. We now openly embrace technology and wonder how we ever coped without it. Things like cell phones and emails, how was a day’s work ever completed?

Autodealer decided to head back to a simpler time, 1974, some 40 years ago, to reminisce about the good ol’ days.

One thing’s for sure, everything was a lot cheaper! Particularly cars, which would set you back quite a few Rand.

For instance, an Audi 100 LS in all its glory used to cost R3 930. A Ford Cortina 2000 bakkie had a price tag of R1 799. Buying a second-hand one today, will set you back about R17 000. So who says cars aren’t an investment?

A Ford Escort 1300 could’ve been yours for R2 090 or a brand-new VW Beetle for a rather attractive R1 998.

For a Mazda 616 four-door, you would’ve paid R2 584 or how about a Chevrolet El Camino V8 pick-up for R3 260?

One can’t help smiling at these prices and think: “I would’ve bought a new car every month,” as these prices are still lower than many of our vehicle instalments.

For these cars’ modern-day equivalents, like the Chev Lumina bakkie, which shares similar DNA with the El Camino V8 pick-up, you’d pay over R400 000.

The new Ford Fiesta, which surely spawned from the Ford Escort, has a starting price of R178 900 or VW’s new Beetle, which now costs anything from R269 700.

But cars aren’t the only things that have gone up over the years. Petrol - a hot topic - used to cost 11 cents a litre for 98-octane in 1974. Yes, you read correctly, 11 cents compared to the R14.33 for 95-octane today.

Looking to service your car? Spark plugs cost roughly 49 cents, while a reconditioned engine for a VW Beetle would cost around R250. Try buying one today!

Those certainly were the days, but admittedly cars have advanced dramatically over the years. The introduction of ABS and airbags to name a few are worth their weight to keep your family safe.

We couldn’t help reminiscing about a bygone era.


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