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3000 Classic Cars at Pretoria Old Motor Club


The 36th annual Cars in the Park at Zwartkops Raceway in Pretoria is coming up and from the pre-event hype we surmise that there will be a record number of entries.

Following last year

Last year there were over 3 000 classic/special interest cars and over 15 000 spectators, the biggest crowd Zwartkops Raceway has hosted for any event. This year, there has been more advertising and awareness created around the show so expect an even bigger, better event for 2015.

Will it be over-full?

To cater for the extra attendees parking areas and access roads have been created, while over 100 car clubs have booked special areas. There will also be over 150 stall holders who will be displaying and selling goods at the venue.

What are the rules?

The basic rule to conform to a classic is that the car should be 30 years and older, but Cars in the Park also caters for various other types of special interest cars such as muscle cars and hot rods.

A new theme

Each year the event tries to incorporate a different theme. This year the emphasis has very much been placed on cars that are over a century old, although there are a couple of exceptions.

So what will I see?

Many owners of early Fords have been invited, with cars that could be traced back to the lineage of, “The car that put the world on wheels,” right back to pre-Model T days.

The Fords scheduled for display are extremely rare. There are two Model N cars whose owners have accepted invitations, and these are the only two Model Ns in the country, both pre-dating the Model T and produced in 1907. Also pre-dating the T is the very dainty Ford Model S, again produced in 1907, and this is the only known example in South Africa.

There will be two 1912 Ford Model Ts on display. The Model T was produced from 1908 to 1927, and over 15 million were built under the guidance of the man who transformed the world’s motor industry… Henry Ford.

After the Model T came the Model A, and there’s a pristine 1927 Roadster example coming to Cars in the Park from the West Rand. Another special invite from the Ford stable will be the first V8 that Ford produced, a 1932 V8 Phaeton.

Also amongst the Special Invites, there’s a 1912 Buick, a 1937 Packard (one of only seven that exists in the world) and a 1913 Cadillac.

The 1913 Cadillac is one of the most interesting cars in this section as it was the car that introduced the electric starter for the first time. Prior to this, cars had to be started by hand with a crank-handle.

There will be thousands more to see, ranging from Maseratis to Daimlers to Alfa Romeos to Bentleys and even to giant off-roaders such as Unimogs. It is believed that the biggest gathering of classic Unimog all-terrain vehicles will take place at this year’s Cars in the Park.

The details

When: Sunday 2 August 2015

Start/End: Exhibitors and drivers of classic cars will gain free entry, at 6am. Spectator gates open at 8am and the show will go on until late afternoon.



Adults  R100
Children under 12 Free

Venue: Zwartkops Raceway (R55, west of Pretoria.) 

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