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5 tips on how to be a better road-user


OUR roads are becoming more and more congested as motorists spend extended hours in traffic. It’s important to be vigilant, courteous and aware.

Here are our five tips to be a better road-user:

  • Politeness in traffic goes a long way. A simple smile and thank you will make other motorists happy and surely lower your stress levels;
  • Follow the rules of the road. It’s sometimes tempting to drive down the yellow lane or cut someone else off but always remember, fellow motorists also want to get to their destination. Following the rules will allow everyone to get there speedily;

  • Ensure that your vehicle is fully roadworthy. Driving an unroadworthy vehicle makes you a hazard on the road. If it breaks down, it can cause traffic or an accident;

  •  Right of way. Giving people right of way will ensure that traffic flows consistently and it will ease congestion;

  • Stay alert. Too often we are distracted on the roads; we play with our phones and chat away, not giving the task at hand enough attention. Being alert will allow you to assess the situation and act accordingly before a disaster happens.

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