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A Royal Bentley pops up for sale


That's right. This Bentley Mulsanne was once part of the Royal garage, serving Britain's longest reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II who's now been at the helm for 64 years.

The Bentley however was only in service for two years, commencing during the old girl's Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

With less than 8,000km on the clock the Bentley retired from public service to become a mere member of normal society. There are however still glimpses of her former life, namely the list of features.

The vanity mirrors, door panels and picnic tables are finished in a sophisticated walnut burr, complemented by a cream leather interior and 21-inch alloy wheels on the outside. No security features are listed, which most likely means they have been removed.

There's sat-nav too, of course. In fact the advertisement says that the car's 'home' location has been programmed to Windsor Castle. Although it'd be wise to change that as I doubt the royal guard would find it terribly amusing when Good Fellas rock up the gate with you in the back having had a couple cold ones.

Under the distinguished looking bonnet lies a 6.75-litre twin turbo V8 sporting 375kW and enough torque to tow a small planet. It's good for a five second sprint from 0-100km/h should the need arise, and will top out at near 300km/h.

The current owner, whoever that happens to be, has decided it's time for the old girl to change hands yet again and has accordingly listed the Bentley on Auto Trader in the UK. The price, £199,850. That's R4.3 million. Which is almost double what similar Bentley's without the royal heritage might sell for - so you'd have to be as mad as George to get out the cheque book.

Unless of course those walls (or B pillars in this case) could talk. I'm sure there'd be a story or two that'd make the purchase well worth the cash.


Article written by Miles Downard
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