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A vehicle camera solution for fleet owners


INTELLIGENT Telematics, an integrated camera-tracking provider has launched a vehicle camera solution to help fleet owners reduce costs, enhance safety and protect against fraudulent insurance claims.

The product

The machine in question is the IT 1000, which features GPS tracking, live HD video feed, 3G connectivity and an accelerometer.

What does it do?

The system provides video, telematics and 3/4G technologies to capture and transmit footage of accidents and other harsh driving events in real-time. The company claims that its system is sixteen times more powerful than any other solution available in the marketplace.

A word from Intelligent Telematics

Intelligent Telematics operations director, Craig Lovell, explains the value of the product. "Unlike other vehicle cameras that only record to an in-device SD card, the IT 1000 transmits footage of accidents and near-misses via a secure 3/4G private network to a web-based interface with real-time e-mail and SMS alerts."

Processing power

Compared to an industry standard of just one capture per second, the IT 1000 camera is claimed to capture GPS data at 10 times per second. This helps calculate the most accurate impact speed while the internal 3-Axis G-Force sensor, including auto-calibration, enables visibility of driving styles and behavior.


More importantly, the camera technology is housed in a self-contained case, making it tamper-proof and resistant to extreme temperatures, to minimise failure rates.

“Our latest camera will not only reduce the severity and frequency of vehicle fleet insurance claims by enabling operators to respond quickly and effectively to accidents, but also help modify driving styles and minimise potential risk,” Lovell explained.


The package works out to less than R17 a day, includes IT 1000 camera, professional installation, data/airtime, two-year warranty and access via a vehicle tracking website.

For more information contact Intelligent Telematics on (086 115 8527) or e-mail or visit

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