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Alfa Romeo Giulia to be a sedan only


Alfa Romeo has all but confirmed previous speculation that it won't be building an estate version of the Giulia anytime soon.

In an interview with Australia's CarAdvice, Head of Manufacturing Alfredo Altavilla stated that the recently launched Stelvo SUV will fill the niche a Giulia Sportwagon would have occupied, adding that if the latter were to have gone on sale on away, more buyers will have opted for the former.

No estate Alfa has so far been produced since the 159 went out of production almost six years ago, with the last model to only a feature a sedan bodystyle being the 155 and earlier 75. The 159's successor, 156, became the first to offer both a sedan and Sportwagon, as well as a SUV-inspired four-wheel drive version based on the latter called the Crosswagon Q4.

Meanwhile, the Italian marque has remained mum on previous reports that a coupe version of the Giulia, rumoured to revive the Sprint nameplate, will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month, with a convertible version forecasted to follow suit.


Giulia Sportwagon image rendering by X-Tomi Design

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