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Another fuel hike headed our way


SOUTH African motorists might have to brace themselves yet again for another fuel hike. This, after the Automobile Association announced that petrol could rise by some 26 cents at the end of the month.

“There has been a slow, but steady uptick in the Rand/US dollar exchange rate since the start of July,” it said in a statement.

“Over the same period, international petroleum prices have come off their mid-June highs, but not enough to offset the under-recovery in the petrol price.”

This was further supported by unaudited daily fuel data released by the Central Energy Fund.

A further price increase will put added pressures on the already stretched consumers’ budget that had to fork out more per litre at the end of last month.

The labour unrest in the steel industry could also pose a threat to the fuel price and a quick solution is needed, with negotiations already underway, a settlement agreement is said to be reached soon.

However, in the meantime, consumers are advised to make every drop of fuel go as far as possible by driving at steady speeds, servicing their cars regularly and embracing lift clubs.

For some, public transport is now becoming a viable option.

Here are our top five alternative transport options:

  • The Gautrain – more people could be using this train as it’s safe, reliable and speedy and with good value for money options, it should be considered.
  • Feeder buses – the Gautrain feeder buses take set routes and often get to a close proximity of your destination without the stress of driving.
  • Cycling – Joburg is on a massive cycling rejuvenation project adding cycling lanes to our roads to encourage this form of transport.
  • Lift clubs – Massively reduces the daily transport costs and you have company on the way to work.
  • Taxis – They are the life blood of SA’s public transport and they will almost drop you off outside the door.

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