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Are you ready for Jeremy, Richard and James?


MOTORING’S three wise men are here, in Jozi and they’re ready to do what they do best… talk cars, burn rubber and tease James for being slow. They also invited gymkhana legend, Ken Block, to join in the fun. Justin was invited to meet them earlier this week when they arrived at the Ticketpro Dome at Northgate.

Jeremy, Richard and James arrived in true South African style, behind the wheel of a best-loved minibus taxi. Jeremy has obviously driven one before because he was driving over the pavements, in the wrong direction and almost drove into the other two. The first thing Jeremy said when he got out of the taxi was: “We’re home!” They boys have said before that when they arrive in South Africa they feel as if they are home; they can relax and enjoy their time here. They have also said they love working here, and the South African audience is one of the best.

After a short time outside, we all moved inside, into the Dome. The stadium is all set for what looks to be a fantastic event. There are big screens, hundreds of lights and the sound of revving engines echo throughout the building. The four posed for photographs and answered some questions. The media wasn’t permitted to get too close as they were guarded by a number of managers and PR personnel. I did manage to get a picture with Jeremy, backstage and yes, I was the only member of the media to meet him up close and personal on that day. Here’s how I did it…

About three years ago when they still had the show down in Durban I was asked by BMW South Africa to deliver a four-door BMW M3 V8 for Jeremy to use while in Durban. It just so happens that he remembered the car and it was this that got me a backstage pass to meet my motoring icon. Jeremy is much taller in real life and he comes across as someone who is up for a good kuier.

It was a very brief meet but one that I will never forget. Looking at my face in the picture one can see that I was as excited as a child meeting Santa for the first time. I will be at the show tomorrow and remember, it’s not only Jeremy, Richard and James who will be there, Ken Block will be there, as well and he has brought his purpose-built 845bhp, modified all-wheel-drive 1965 notchback Ford Mustang Hoonicorn along.

There will also be motoring-fuelled action in areas outside of the Dome so grab the whole family for a great day out. Tickets are selling fast and the organizers have extended the show to Sunday afternoon, to accommodate the high volume of enthusiasts.

Don’t miss this event; it’s a must for this year!

Article written by Justin Jacobs
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