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Aston Martin design boss tired of "all models look the same" comments


Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman, has reportedly taken aim at allegations that all of the marque's current models look the same.

In a lengthy interview with Australia's, Reichman said he had become "fed-up with all the comments that all the [Aston Martin] cars look the same", and that great deal of customer research goes into the styling differences between models.

"You have to understand that within the company, we were relatively constrained in that prior period. To do things like the One-77 or Vantage Zagato was a breath of fresh air for me because they were all brand-new," he said.

"It’s like the handcuffs came off with (Aston Martin CEO) Andy (Palmer) and our new business plan, and I am able to put all that energy into the core. So, for me it’s like hallelujah, we can finally show what we are really capable of doing".

The British-born designer, whose works up till now have also included the DBS, Rapide, DB11, Vanquish and Vulcan, as well as the DB10 used in the James Bond film Spectre, the ultra-luxurious Lagonda Taraf sedan and the new Vantage, added that each of its respective models has its own customer base and therefore "has to feel and drive" a certain way.

"It’s all around beauty still, but different variations of beauty. So if I think about DB11… that’s going to Savile Row, getting a suit made, or going to a kendo class and learning to use a sword and being very ceremonial about your experience," he said.

"Vantage, is about kicking some butt, it’s about driving, it’s about enjoying the driving feel, it’s more agile, it’s more stripped down, it doesn’t have all the intricacies of the DB11 in terms of aerodynamics because we’ve put it all the aero into the body… it doesn’t need all the aero aids".

He stated that the marque has been paying close attention to "what the customer wants", and that a difference has emerged between Vantage and DB series models.

"There is always the mantle of the DB to be the older gentleman’s car, so we have wound up that request from our Vantage customers to say here you go, this is nothing like DB11".

Unveiled earlier this week, the Vantage is due to arrive in South Africa sometime next with pricing yet to be announced, although it starts at £120 900 or R2 230 157 in the United Kingdom.

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