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Autodealer Dream Buy: Ford Focus ST


We love fast hatchbacks because - not only do they offer practical advantages - they are able to put a big smile on your face.

Owning one can be fun but also costly because under the skin, modern-day hot hatches are pretty much performance cars. We’ve decided to focus on the much-loved Focus ST and what you should look out for when buying one.

First things first; make sure you can actually afford to run it before you buy it. They are heavy on fuel thanks to their performance nature and are quite high maintenance cars that will need good quality parts fitted to them, so make sure you can afford the bills that come with them. Remember, there's more costs to a car than just the initial purchase price.

As it is a performance car make sure it has a full service history, preferably with a reputable service station. These cars can generate high heat in the engine and need the correct liquids, such as oil, for optimum performance. Some things you need to look at can include mechanical items such as:

  • Drive shaft wobble
  • Engine misfire when cold
  • Front wishbone bushes
  • ABS control units
  • Air mass meters
  • Clutches slipping
  • Clutch master cylinder causing the pedal to drop overnight. Pedal box fixes this properly
  • Alternators on older cars along with batteries causing reduced performance
  • Boost control valves
  • Front and rear strut top mountings

More important things to look out for are the pipes in the engine bay; make sure they are not cracked and that they are secure. Also have a look at the brake disks and the brake pads. As it is a fun hot hatch the chances of the brakes being used to their maximum ability are rather high.

Take the car for a drive, feel the gear changes; they should be tight and without much movement. If there is a wobble, this could mean that there are some issues with gear-linkages.

The Focus ST and any performance car can be a rather expensive car to maintain, however, they are incredibly fun to drive and are nice to live with on a daily basis. Just make sure you do your homework, check forums and speak to current owners about issues and reliability.

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