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Autodealer Dream Buy: Mazda MX-5


THE Mazda MX-5 has a somewhat of a cult-following in the motoring world. The reason for this is primarily down to its no fuss mechanics and its superb handling characteristics. If you want a fun little sports car, the MX-5 is a must. But what are some of the things to look out for when buying one?

We’ve put together a list of factors to check when buying a Mazda MX-5 from a second-hand car lot.

The number one rule when buying an MX-5

It’s very simple: Buy on condition and you'll invariably buy a better car. A two-year-old car costs more than a four-year-old car, right? And a four-year-old car costs more than a six-year-old car. However, when the car is over 12 years or so, old, things do change. Condition becomes very important, not the number of owners or the mileage or the letter on the end of the number plate. Condition is everything. I’ve sold some fantastic ‘G’ plate MX-5s and seen some horrendous rust boxes five or six years newer.

High mileage? Not a problem...

These cars are getting on in years now and inevitably, some have covered a good few kilometres but don't let this put you off - as long as the price is right, of course. The engine in an MX-5 is one of the strongest around. Seriously, the engine will not only outlast the rest of the car, it will outlast the next car that it ends up in. The 1.8 can get a bit tappety and that’s about it. We are always amazed at how many people miss out on buying a great car simply because of the kilometres.

Check the roof

Make sure that you check the retractable fabric roof on the Mazda MX-5 and ensure that all the connection points are secure and that everything works properly. The last thing you want is a faulty roof during a Highveld thunderstorm while you’re stuck in traffic.

Get it checked by a mechanic

Get a mechanic to go over the car with you; go for a drive even and listen out for any odd noises. Make sure the steering is tight and the shocks are in good condition. Check the underbelly for any rust or oil residue. As we mentioned earlier, the MX-5 is a pretty tough little car so the chances of any mechanical faults are slim but you can never be too careful. Try and avoid a car that has been modified; the last thing you want is someone’s failed attempt at building a racing car.

The Find

We found a great example of a Mazda MX-5 on our website; head on over to the page by clicking here.

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