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Autodealer answers your car-related questions


HERE, at Autodealer, we get calls, e-mails and social media posts asking us certain questions that relate to the purchasing of a vehicle. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions, which we’ve answered as best as we could:

  1. When is it a good time to buy a car? We would say at the end of the year when dealers are pressured to meet quotas and move inventory. However, if you shop around, you’re likely to find that various dealers have these clearance sales at different times of the year, so try and get to know your car dealers;


  1. For the average young adult what should they consider when looking to purchase a car? The average person needs to consider the warranty, service plan, the brand’s reputation and initial cost. By initial cost we mean the cost of the car and then the cost of ownership, which includes things such as fuel consumption, parts pricing and cost of maintenance. Also check when the service, or maintenance plan has expired. The vehicle’s safety rating is also of importance, especially if you’re transporting your family.


  1. In terms of paying options, which is the best one? Are loans always the best? Many people cannot afford to buy a car cash, so financing is the their next bet; leasing a car - as so many Americans do - also works well however, we think, as South Africans, we’re not used to paying for something only to have it taken away a few years later. For now we’d say, buy within your means to avoid balloon and residual payments, also shop around for the best interest rate.


  1. Considering salary bracket, which cars are more likely to sell fast and which ones are best suited for the first-time buyer? The vehicle with the lowest initial cost normally wins out, but the higher up the price scale one goes, the more the brand’s reputation, styling, quality and desirability plays a part. We see cars like the VW Polo and Polo Vivo dominating their segments, while Toyota and Ford dominate the one-ton bakkie segment and that has a lot to do with their brand’s reputation; it’s something that people trust.


Do you have any other questions that you’d like us to answer? Send your query to us @autodealersa on Twitter, inbox us on Facebook at or e-mail us. 

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