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Autodealer dream buy:Appreciating future classics


Have you ever thought about buying a car in the hopes of it becoming a classic one day?

Well we have a list of some cars that are sure to be worth a lot of money in a few years time but which are pretty affordable at the moment. Here is our list of Dream Buy Classics.

1: Land Rover Defender Ninety (1994-1997)

Now that production has stopped on one of the most iconic off road vehicles ever made we reckon that the price is sure to increase over the next few years. What makes the Ninety series so special is the fact that it was the first take on a modern Defender. 

2: Mazda MX-5 (1990-2005)

One of the best selling roadsters ever made came in the form of the Mazda MX-5. It is loved by enthusiasts across the globe. The MX-5 channels the very best of the old British Sports car, even though it's Japanese. Many are being turned into track day toys, this means that an original one is becoming quite hard to find. You can find one, hold onto it. 

3: Toyota MR2 (1991-2005)

A mid engine Toyota Sports car? Well did yo know that the first-generation Toyota MR2s of 1985-‘89 are already cult classics, and newer second- and third-gen cars are future classics you can afford now. Their rarity and addictive driving experience are the polar opposite of Toyota’s high-production, low-pulse roster today.

4: Mercedes-Benz 500 E/E 500 (1992-1994)

So you think the Panamera is Porsche’s first four-door production car? The Mercedes 500 E was a joint effort with Porsche, both in development and actual production. Unlike today, there wasn’t an AMG version for practically every Merc at the time (although a handful of later E 500s were worked over by them). Tastefully upgraded in appearance, this future classic you can afford now stands as a competent performance sedan even today. Its significance ensures desirability for years to come as well.

5: BMW M Coupe (1999-2002)

We’d really like to have featured BMW’s Z8, but it was more or less a classic from day one, and even today’s value keeps it north of affordability. The more accessible M Coupe is another matter and our top future classic you can afford now. Developed from the M Roadster, the Coupe trades beauty for chassis stiffness and even greater handling. The looks aren’t for everyone, but they grow on you. If you come across a straight car for a remotely reasonable price, buy it. You won’t regret it.




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