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Autodealer dream buy: BMW 7 Series


IT’S time for another Autodealer dream buy, where we browse through our own list of cars for sale and pick a car that we’d like to own. This week, we’ve stumbled upon a luxurious German that can be had for less than an entry-level hatchback.

BMW 7 Series

The fourth generation 7 Series or the E65/E66 versions are what we will be focussing on this week. These were among the first BMW’s to receive the infamous Chris Bangle look, the controversial American designer who so drastically altered the look of BMWs at the turn of the century. The first 7 Series penned by Bangle (the E65) and his team didn’t go down well and despite being great to drive these vehicle deprecated like nothing else. They are now exceptionally good value, but there is a catch, as we will show you. Note that before buying a car as complex as this it is advisable to take it to a specialist for an inspection.

What to watch out for:

  • If the vehicle has the Logic 7 sound system ensures that is works properly as the amplifiers in these systems are known to be faulty.
  • If the vehicle has a sunroof ensure that it does not leak as the seals are known to perish.
  • The early cars had the first generation of iDrive, which was harder to decipher than hacking in to the Pentagon, so this must be considered. The system is also know to crash, meaning the climate control, sound and even the keyless entry sometimes stop working.
  • The Giubo Joint (a coupling that transmits torque through the drive shaft) is known to break, causing problems when downshifting.
  • The air conditioner belt and alternator are known to make a whining sound when they are in need of replacing. Owners often repost this sound as something wrong with the engine when it is in fact not.
  • Check for excessive steering vibrations on the move as this could mean expensive wear and tear suspension items have not been replaced or that the wheel alignment/balance is simply out.
  • Ensure that the engine operates smoothly and does not have a misfire or sound rough on idle as repairs on BMW motors are very expensive.
  • Check for leaks under the car as at times the vehicle can leak coolant which could spell radiator problems.
  • Take the car for a drive and ensure that everything works in terms of the electronics as the early cars were plagued with electronic gremlins. Sometimes a broken electrical item could just mean that a fuse must be replaced.
  • Make sure that the transmission is not leaking oil from the Mechatronics seal which can lead to a hefty repair bill if left untreated.

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View this car online here

View this car online here

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