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Autodealer dream buy: Hummer H3


IT’S time for another Autodealer dream buy, where we browse through our own list of cars for sale and pick a car that we’d like to own. This week, we’re going for the ultimate expression of the American automotive scene a decade ago, the Hummer H3.

Hummer H3

Following the full-on military H1 Hummer was the quite frankly massive H2 Hummer with an enormous motor, extreme dimensions and an unnecessary amount of chrome. Hummer needed a more compact model, something that would work outside of the States. Enter the H3, the last ever Hummer which was by no means a great car but is still somewhat of an icon. The benefit of looking at an H3 is that these models are going for quite cheap while still offering that American appeal.

What to watch out for:

  • Try to avoid the earlier cars. The 2006 and 2007 models have been reported as being quite a bit more problematic than the 2008, 2009 and 2010 models;
  • The valve seats in the motor are known to prematurely wear, so listen for a misfire when taking a test drive;
  • Ensure that the fuel filler cap fits and is tight as this might cause fuel to leak out and the "Check Engine" light to illuminate on the dashboard;
  • Ensure that the vehicle has antifreeze as the earlier cars are known to leak this item, which may cause overheating in our climate. The temperature gauge is also known to be faulty so if the gauge seems to be reading high and the vehicle isn’t running hot the calibration for the instrument cluster might be off;
  • Check that the fuel gauge is working as the fuel level sensors are known to fail;
  • Check for leaks underneath the car as these cars are known to leak transmission fluid.

Examples found on

View this car online here

View this car online here


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