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Autodealer dream buy: Subaru Impreza WRX and WRX STi (2000-2007)


IT’S time for another Autodealer dream buy, where we browse through our list of cars for sale on our website and pick one that we’d like to own. This week, we’re out for some JDM goodness in the form of the Subaru WRX and WRX STi.

The Impreza is one of the most iconic cars in the world; it first found fame with World Rally Championship (WRC) success in the 90s and has become a cult car locally with one of the biggest cult followings of any car in South Africa. There are many examples for sale locally so we’ve put together a list of checks that the budding Scooby owner should conduct before purchasing.

What to look out for:

  • The five-speed manual gearboxes on the WRX are known to be weak, so always ensure that the gearbox feels smooth, without grating or whining;
  • The EJ20 motor in what’s known as the bug-and-blob-eye models, from years 2000 to 2005, were known to run bearings, causing massive engine damage. Check for smoke during the test drive;
  • The EJ25 is what is known as the hawk-eye model, known for premature ringland failure, where the piston breaks between the ring gaps. Also monitor smoke from the exhaust during the test drive;
  • The radiator tanks are also prone to pop off on all these models;
  • The differentials should be checked and, when driving the models, remember to listen for a knocking sound;
  • The clutch is also quite an expensive part to replace so always confirm that the vehicle you’re interested in has one that is in working order.

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