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Autodealer’s dream buy: Chevrolet Lumina


IT’S time for another Autodealer dream buy, where we search through our used car listings and choose a car that we would love to own. This week we’ve stumbled across something that we feel will definitely provide driving satisfaction, coupled with practicality and of course a thunderous V8 soundtrack. We’re talking about the Chevrolet Lumina, a V8 beast that was available in both a sedan and a bakkie.

Chevrolet Lumina

The saying, “They don’t make ‘em like this anymore” is apt for the Lumina. When the model went out of production, the affordable V8 saloon/bakkie niche was never filled and the segment faded away, like the Lumina, locally. We don’t want this car to be forgotten though, especially with so many up for sale at reasonable prices.

The checks

1. The rubber cooler lines in the transmission are known to leak fluid so ensure that these have been replaced or are at least in working order;

2. Check that the car starts first time and that it doesn’t stall when coming to a stop as worn fuel pumps have been known to cause these issues;

3. The power-steering hose has been known to leak fluid so do test it to see that it’s in good condition;

4. The cars have been known to have weak water pumps so make certain the car that you’re looking at has an optimally functioning pump. To check for this, see that the seals on the pump aren’t leaking coolant. To check for internal pump damage, hold the upper radiator hose when the car is warm - although be careful, it is hot - and feel if the coolant is running through freely;

5. The gaskets on the intake manifold on these big motors are known to leak coolant and oil so check for these leaks as they can cause engine damage.

See vehicle here and here

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