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HERE at Autodealer, we have access to a large database of used cars for sale. At times we find ourselves browsing our Site and finding a few gems that are up for sale. We’ve decided to pick one car a week found on our Site and provide you with the checks that you must do before purchasing said vehicle.

Alfa Romeo GT

The idea that one must own an Alfa Romeo to be a petrolhead, is a bit silly to us, but we can’t deny that the GT is a beautiful car. There are two engine options available with the GT: one, a sweet-sounding V6 and the other, a turbo-diesel also used in several Opel models.

Expect the V6 to drink fuel and torque-steer but will provide the ultimate in aural and visual pleasure. The diesel model is likely the more sensible choice for those looking for a better daily car; just remember the added cost of servicing a high mileage oil burner.

Here are some of the things to look out for with the GT;

The checks:

  • Ensure that the car has had its cambelt service as this is a costly procedure and if not done, could lead to engine failure.
  • Ensure that the car has enough oil as a lack of oil in these cars makes the car susceptible to crankshaft failure.
  • Check that the gearbox gate feels smooth as a rough feeling means the car needs new bushes in the pivot point
  • The engine should feel smooth; a flat spot when accelerating could mean a faulty airflow meter (MAF).
  • The suspension must be checked; noises from the front-end could mean a wishbone problem while a strange feeling under your feet could mean worn suspension bushes. At the rear, the hub bushes and rear radius arms must be checked as these can lead to increased tyre wear.
  • Alfa’s and electronics don’t go very well; the GT is better than most Alfa products but we still advise that you check all the switches and fuses as well as the dashboard warning lights. Should one appear, ensure that it’s an easy-fix before proceeding.

Expect to pay: Between R80 000 to R200 000

Check out the car here

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