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BMW redesigns iconic 2002 turbo


There's something I find quite appealing when a motor manufacturer looks back into its history, picks something special and decides to recreate it.


Fiat is a prime example, taking the iconic 500 and turning it into a modern day success story. 

BMW is no stranger to this idea either. The chaps from Munich bought Mini - a quintessentially British marque - and did a rather good job of recreating a true legend (although what they've done since is, I think, a slap in the face to the ethos of the brand). 

So it goes without saying that I was excited when I heard BMW turned to its past to create a Hommage concept to one of its most important vehicles, the 2002 turbo.

"Exactly 50 years ago, the 02 range kick-started an era of success for BMW. This compact coupé is one of the vehicles which made the brand what it is today," explains BMW's senior VP Adrian van Hooydonk. Hard to argue with that.

However what I can argue with is the fact that this 'Hommage' recreation, based on the new M2, in no way looks anything like the original 2002. I struggle to even find similarities, never mind direct links. For example the 2002's nose slopes inward from top down, while the Hommage has some gaping snow plough for a front splitter. The headlights on the 2002 are classically round, the Hommage's are square. The grille on the 2002 is longer than it is wide, but not on the Hommage.

Perhaps I'm mad thinking that BMW should have tried to make the Hommage look vaguely similar to the car its paying homage to? But in my books this isn't even a modern take, it's just an M2 in a transformers outfit and I really don't approve. Sorry BMW, but this one should be confined to the history books and never find its way to a production line.

Article written by Miles Downard
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