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Back to the Future: Fun facts about the DeLorean


IF YOU’RE a fan of the Back to Future movie franchise then you’ll remember that today, the 21st of October 2015, was the future, to which our protagonists in the second film travel. Since the DeLorean was their ride of choice we’ve come up with some cool facts about this unique vehicle.

  1. Why was it so costly? The car was called the DMC-12 as designers of the vehicle intended for it to cost some US$12 000. However, after issues with the currency and manufacturing, it almost cost nearly US$25 000, new;
  2. It was extremely underpowered - The car was powered by - quite frankly - a sad 2.85-litre rear-mounted V6, which produced 97kW/208Nm. The model came with either a five-speed manual or three-speed automatic transmission. Good thing, in the film, the car was fitted with a flux capacitor as the standard motor wouldn’t propel you very far into the future;
  3. It’s coated with brushed steel - Perhaps the most iconic part of the vehicle is its exterior, which is covered in 304-grade brushed stainless steel. It also features iconic gull-wing doors to complete the look;
  4. Built in limited numbers and evolved throughout the years - There were around 9 200 DeLoreans built with a different hood-style being released every year. In early 1981 models, the bonnets had grooves on either side with a gas flap in front of the wheel. In late 1981, the gas flap was removed, while in 1982, the grooves were also removed;
  5. The company’s owner was arrested - The DeLorean Motor Company went bankrupt after its owner, John DeLorean, was arrested in 1982 for drug trafficking charges;
  6. Six were used during the film - The chassis of six models were used for the film trilogy. One was destroyed at the end of the third film, another two were abandoned and the remaining three still exist. Two are owned by Universal Studios and the other, by a private collector;
  7. Two gold plated versions sold - The goal was to sell 100, 24k-Carat gold-plated versions of the car for a significantly inflated price. Only two were sold, while four (in total) were still produced;
  8. Right-hand-drive models - There is said to be 16 right-hand-drive models in existence; a run of 13 cars converted by a company in the UK and a very limited second batch of cars. These three cars were used by the DeLorean factory in Northern Ireland.

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