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Brisker Swift on cards


SUZUKI’S Swift Sport has always been a well-regarded hot-hatch except it's nippy little 1.6-litre engine meant that the Sport was all show and no go; all talk and no trousers - a pseudo 'hot-hatch' really.

But now, Suzuki’s getting serious - having announced six new models to be released over the next three years. A welcome by-product of which is a new, more driver-focused direction for the Swift that includes a faster, harder, turbocharged Swift Sport. This is thanks to a new car that will fill the Honda Jazz-size hole in Suzuki's line up.

While the Swift is considered amongst the more fun small cars on the market at the moment, the keyword is indeed, small. The boot doesn't swallow much, nor do the rear seats. But the new car has all those answers, freeing up the Swift to be more fun without practicality as a limitation.

We'll have to wait until 2017 for the new Swift to arrive, and probably longer here in South Africa. Details of the actual configuration of the Swift Sport are otherwise scant; market rumours suggest a 1.6-litre turbo-charged unit that may also appear in the Vitara.

Suzuki has yet to confirm the move to forced induction, but is believed to be under pressure from various markets including Australia. It’s the obvious choice for Suzuki, in order for the company to stay relevant in an industry that has so widely adopted the turbo-charger as a means to achieve both power and efficiency. In my mind there's always space for a new hot-hatch to enter the market and I can't think of a better one for it to be than the Swift Sport.

Article written by Miles Downard
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