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Castrol launches new GTX range aimed at Africa


Castrol has been voted the most popular and preferred motor oil in South Africa this past year. The brand has been serving South Africans with reasonably priced motor lubrication since the 70s and has now developed oil specifically for Africa. As we know, our African climate places a different kind of stress on a vehicles engine and therefore we need something a bit different. I attended the launch of the new generation GTX range, which includes a premium GTX Ultraclean variant.

What’s new?

The new range uses double action formula to help clean away old sludge and protect the engine against the formation of new sludge; helping engines to perform at optimum levels for longer.This ultimately helps extend the life of the engine.

What is sludge?

Castrol explained it as follows...Much like cholesterol’s impact on your body’s blood vessels, sludge can block an engine’s vital oil passages. Sludge decreases engine performance and, if left untreated, can deprive an engine of power and – if left untreated – its life.

The sludge is formed when the oil breaks down as a result of oxidisation. The oxidisation can occur when the oil is too old or can occur quickly when there are periods of excessive heat. For instance, oil is tested between temperatures of Fourty and one hundred degrees Celsius. Therefore, a vehicle running oil at over one hundred degrees for an extended period will cause to oil to break down faster.

What Castrol had to say

 “The new generation of Castrol’s GTX introduces a robust engine lubricant portfolio suitable for use across Africa’s vast and unique car parc, and to suit our variable fuel and road conditions. We, at Castrol, have never been more excited about an oil change,” said David Bouet, managing director for Castrol Africa.

The new Sub-Saharan Africa range

The new range consists of:

  • GTX Diesel 15W-40
  • GTX 20W-50

What is Ultraclean?

I use Castrol Edge in my personal vehicle and therefore I am ultra-critical of marketing speak, being a consumer I wanted to find out what this technology was about and if it was a thinly-disguised marketing scheme.

 A vehicle’s engine is subjected various fuel quality, air temperature and driving conditions which may cause oil degradation. Many of us will likely have some sludge and carbon built up in our engines already, which can hamper performance and fuel consumption. What Castrol claim this technology can do is provide up to 50 percent better engine cleaning and protection based on the average engine sludge result in the API SN Seq. VG Sludge test. Whether this technology works or not remain to be seen so I will reserve my judgement.

The GTX Diesel for Africa

Castrol claim that its diesel oil helps prevent problems such as soot and harsh deposits that your engine faces every day. These deposits thicken engine oil, block oil ways, cause wear and decrease performance. This product claims to help clean away and protect against harmful diesel engine deposits.

High-mileage GTX 20W-50

Castrol claim that its new high-mileage oil now offers 60 percent better protection against oil burn-off. It was explained as such:As a car engine ages and components wear, oil burns off faster. Over time, this can cause increased engine wear, shortening engine life. The GTX 20W-50 is engineered to meet the changing needs of high-mileage vehicles. Formulated to help reduce compression loss and protects seals for longer, its technology is proven to provide 60% superior oil burn-off protection versus the tough industry standard.

When is the range available?

The new GTX range will be available from 13 June at all reputable auto accessory stores and workshops.

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Article written by Sean Nurse
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Submitted: 31-07-2018