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Coffee with a difference: the Red Carnival Day 2016


Being part of many local papers and websites throughout the country, we, at Autodealer, understand the value of local content, which is why whenever we get a chance to represent ourselves at an event, especially for charity, we jump at the opportunity.

This past weekend the generous people over at Ford loaned me a red Mustang, not to write about, but rather to attend a Charity Day at Craft Restaurant in Parkhurst

The event was called the Red Carnival Day (hence the red Mustang) and took place on 22nd May. The fundraiser was in aid of the Children of Fire Charity, which is a great cause if I’ve ever heard of one. Alongside my attention-garnering Mustang was a couple of classic MGs, old Mercedes-Benz SLs, a few Ferraris and a variety of other red automobiles. Further down Fourth Avenue, I spotted a whole host of Ducatis and a few classic Italian cars that had me snapping away like crazy with my camera.

The aim is to make this event an annual activity, once a year from 9am until 2pm. I think I can easily set aside that amount of time once a year for such a great cause. If you’d like to participate in one of these events, bring your vehicle along (preferably a red one) and pay the small fee required to park along the road. The fee of course will go to charity.

If you’d like to participate in another way, there will be clowns outside each participating restaurant tasked with selling red balloons to raise funds on behalf of the charity set up to help young survivors of burn injuries (whether by fire, chemicals, electricity or hot liquids) and to help and educate the communities in which they live, providing both prevention and cure. For more about the great charitable organisation click here.

The idea being driven home (if you’ll excuse the pun) is the fact that the small contribution by a local community will make an enormous difference in the lives of these children. The organisation is in desperate need of funds and is currently under tremendous pressure to provide for the burnt children.

In retrospect, it was great to spend the day with folks in Johannesburg. The passersby were all willing to contribute; many even stopped past and chatted to me about cars, which was fantastic. The restaurant was packed, the atmosphere jolly and the sense of community strong.

As for the Mustang, well, despite my ramblings during my road test with the vehicle I feel that I finally understand what it’s purpose it. A sunny Sunday morning with the top down in an affluent neighbourhood, the red pony-car started to make sense. Its lack of aural delight was welcomed as it didn’t disrupt while its rather gorgeous facade attracted looks from everywhere. I felt more at peace with the car, perhaps because the task fitted its purpose.

If you have a community event or car show in your locality, send us a mail, or Inbox us on Facebook or Twitter. If it’s car-related we’ll do our best to attend and support our local communities.

Article written by Sean Nurse
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