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Crossing to the other side with Honda


THERE’S been a lot of hype created around the new Civic Type R which is due in 2015. The turbocharged front-wheel-drive hatch should take it to the likes of the VW Golf R, the BMW M135i and dare we say it, the mighty Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG.

Honda is making a big fuss about the new car and claim that the new Civic Type R will be “...the most extreme and high-performing model to wear the famous ‘Red H’ badge…” To demonstrate this, a film has been made about the new model to show the stark contrast between the wild child Type R and the Civic hatchback.

The short film is called, The Other Side and aims to bring to life these two sides of Honda by putting fans at the heart of a dual narrative. The story unfolds in two parallel tales, one set during the day and the other at night. The daytime story sees a father picking his daughter up from school in his white Civic and driving her to a surprise party.

By contrast, the night-time narrative shows the father’s other side - an undercover cop driving a crew of art thieves to a police sting, in a head-turning red Type R. While very different in tone, the two stories mirror each other perfectly in their composition.

The Other Side opens with the Civic in the daytime, with titles prompting interaction as they roll. From here the viewer can switch between the Civic and the Type R narrative, simply by pressing the ‘R’ button on their keyboard.

A press of the ‘R’ button puts the director’s cut into viewers hands, allowing them to switch in real time between two mirrored story lines. Through sound design and seamlessly matched scenes, you can’t help but feel the power of Honda’s other side.

The Other Side is now on YouTube and we’ve included it for you to view, below. 

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