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Disgruntled US man pays vehicle sales tax with 300 000 pennies


A man in the US state of Virginia has expressed his frustration at the Department of Motor Vehicle's (DMV) apparent inability to provide him with a direct contact number about sales tax information on two new vehicles he purchased, by paying them using mostly pennies.

According to the local Bristol Herald Courier, Nick Stafford arrived at the DMV's branch in Lebanon, Virginia this past Wednesday, with five wheelbarrows containing 300 000 coins after reportedly being revoked information on which of the four houses he owns, located in two different counties, should be listed in response to the licensing of a brand-new Chevrolet Corvette for his son.

Stretching back to September last year, Stafford tried to obtain the information from the Lebanon office, but was instead rerouted to a branch in Richmond. He then submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to gain a direct contact number for the Lebanon office which he was provided with, but was then refused when asked for the direct numbers of nine other DMV branches.

His subsequent lawsuit against the DMV, two of its employees and the Russell Country General District Court was thrown out with no penalty charges being imposed on the DMV.

Undeterred, Stafford then hired 11 people at $10 (R136) an hour to help with the pennies and after four hours, and the aquisition of a few wheelbarrows at $80 (R1 091) each, arrived to make the payment. It is being estimated that paying for the men, the wheelbarrows and the three law suits, cost him $1 005 (R13 710), not to mention the almost $3 000 (R40 927) he had to pay the DMV.



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