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Dream Cars: How does your Top 5 compare?


You get petrolheads, motoring nuts... and then my old school mate. AN old school friend, who sadly I don't see enough of these days as he lives in Cape Town, has turned out, perhaps not to my surprise now that I really think about it, to be a motoring aficionado of some note.

Seriously, he has already had more than 50 cars. It's a hobby that kind of got out of hand. He loves it. Can't get enough of cars, from old classics, to the latest speed machine. So when discussing 'dream cars' he had sent me his Top 5 before I could say 'match-fixing' (choose your sport). 

Here's his Top 5 Dream Car list, and applicable comments.


Without doubt the number one by the proverbial country mile. Any year since its launch in 1975. It's the most iconic and recognisable shape of any modern sports car, with the first one rolling off the production line in 1963 delivering 96kW, right up to the latest offering in twin-turbo S guise shunting out 408kw from its 3.8-litre boxer six cylinder motor. 

As with its predecessors, the modern version is a superbly engineered machine and is faster off the mark than Usain Bolt. It will stick to the road like glue around the tightest of bends. It is sinful that the words 'to drive a Porsche 911 Turbo' do not appear on everyone's bucket list.

2. 1954 MERCEDES BENZ SL 300 

In my view, pure 'art on wheels', with its distinctive gull-wing doors and race-car bred sweeping design. While it did have a 3-litre 160 kW engine, compared to the other four modern cars here, it's slower than molasses on a cold day but it certainly was at the front of the 'good looks' queue.

Words cannot describe this roadster and if you can find a well looked after one, it will lighten your wallet by more than US $1-million if you eventually decide to buy it.


Mid '60s Mustangs are becoming increasingly popular and, in my view, the ’65 convertible is one of the most sought after and recognisable, after the ’65 Mustang Fastback, of course, one of the best Mustangs ever made. If one looks at the prices these are fetching on eBay one would have to pay north of R500k to R700k for the privilege of owning and driving one.

The ultimate road-trip car and while the first ‘65s had six cylinder motors, some later models had the 289 cubic inch (4,7litre) V8 which when revved would put a smile on any undertaker's face. One can’t really describe the feeling one gets when driving a Mustang.

4. HONDA S2000 (any year)

Honda S2000 - any year, but preferably one without the modern computerised stability control, ie first generation. This is the ultimate driver's car with an uber high revving 'bullet proof’' engine engineered as only the Japanese can. 177kW of naturally aspirated power is fed to the rear wheels mated to an equally exquisite close ratio gear-box.

Most engines will explode anywhere above 7500rpm but this can comfortably red-line around 9000rpm with the most amazing sound when the second camshaft profile kicks in, allowing more clearance of the valves and different timing. The car has perfect balance - the combination of engine, gearbox and suspension make it an absolute pleasure to throw around the bends of a mountain pass.


No vehicle says 'I have arrived' quite like a Range Rover and particularly the Autobiography. If Mourinho is ‘The Chosen One’ then this vehicle is ‘The Special One’. This monster has more extras than Braveheart, including iPads, wooden panelling, cooler compartments and mood lighting to name but a few.

It’s no slouch either, with a supercharged V8 pushing out 375kW mated to an 8-speed gearbox combined with air suspension, managing to keep this behemoth on the road at the scariest of speeds. Plenty other manufacturers have tried to imitate it but this car is the real deal and the saying 'money talks but true money whispers' certainly does not apply to this vehicle! 

When you drive this car you feel like you are carrying a hammer and everything is a nail!


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