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Dream buy: 2009 Audi S3


HERE, at Autodealer, we really love fast hatchbacks; they offer practicality and oodles of performance. One such car that’s been on our radar for a long time has been the Audi S3. It has a 2.0-litre 188kW engine as well as a quattro all-wheel-drive system and a short-shifting six-speed manual. The S3 is a real treat between the traffic lights.

However, what are some things that one needs to watch out for when purchasing one of these cars, second-hand?

Here is a list of features to check for:

  • Be prepared for some top-end tappety noise - its normal;
  • Check that the tyres are the same make and check the tread depth;
  • Check that the differential oil and the filter were replaced at its 60 000km service along with the cam belt;
  • Check the security of the door trims; they have a bad habit of coming lose;
  • Check that there’s no smoke coming from the exhaust; if there is, you might need to question it or have it checked by a qualified mechanic;
  • Also, always shop around. We suggest that you find one with the Bose sound upgrade; it makes all the difference;
  • Make sure the Xenons work properly; they cost a fortune to replace and are a nightmare to get to. This could set you back a lot of money in labour costs;
  • Make sure the car has had all its services and do some background checks to see who owned the car before you;
  • It is a high performance car so check all the brakes and make sure the discs are in good condition;
  • Take it for a drive and listen out for any noises coming from the gearbox. Take some corners as well and listen out for any strange noises coming from the differential or power steering mechanisms;
  • Make sure the interior is in good condition as this is where you’ll be spending most of your time.

As always, we highly recommend that you do some shopping around. Find the car that you want, and remember, sometimes the cheapest one might not be the best one. Browse our Website as we do have an array of Audi S3s on offer.

Here is a link to one that we quite like. 

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