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Ducati lets the imagination run free


Ducati unveiled one of the most eagerly awaited new bikes, the Ducati Scrambler.

The Scrambler is a contemporary bike that expresses the pure essence of motorcycling. Tried and tested materials such as the aluminium of the rear swingarm and engine covers and the steel of the teardrop tank and frame are combined with new-generation components such as front and rear LED lighting and LCD instruments.

Wide handlebars and a long seat provide a comfortable, relaxed riding position and, together with the low weight, low centre of gravity and slightly knobby tyres, ensure pure riding fun whatever the situation.

“Post-heritage” design gives a contemporary take on the iconic bike built by Ducati back in the 60s and 70s. This Ducati Scrambler, though, is no retro bike; rather, it’s intended to be just how the legendary Bologna-built motorcycle would be today, if Ducati had never stopped building it.

The Icon version, in yellow and red, is joined by three others: Urban Enduro, Full Throttle and Classic, each offering its own style and performance-related interpretation of the Scrambler spirit. The Urban Enduro, with its “wild green” paint job, is for enduro-style enthusiasts, ready to switch from city streets to country back roads in an instant. The Full Throttle is for riders enthralled by the flat-track racing world who have a penchant for pushing things to the limit, and the Classic is for devotees to detail and a 1970s look, who want the uncompromising riding pleasure and comfort of a modern-day bike.

The headlamp, together with the tank, form a key part of the Ducati Scrambler look. Rounded, classically designed yet extremely modern (i.e. post-heritage) it features a glass parabola and an ultra-modern LED light guide around the rim that acts as a side light.

Seat and tank have been carefully designed to give the Scrambler appealing proportions. A compact bike, it instils confidence from the very moment you set eyes on it. It’s been sized to make it accessible to all motorcyclists, while the long seat maximises comfort and can also accommodate a passenger, comfortably. An oil and air-cooled L-twin two-valve 800cc engine powers the bike.

The Ducati Scrambler name has much in common with the verb, “scramble;” mixing up, blending, letting the imagination run free and sharing with others. The Ducati Scrambler is the two-wheeled alter ego of those who ride it - a cultural movement in and of itself.

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