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E-toll protests continue…’beep’


Social media is a very powerful tool you know. Sure, it’s fun to post pictures of your lunch or the place that you are staying at by the sea but it can also be used to overthrow governments, take Egypt for example. Another use is to create awareness about certain things and even create protest groups.

In this case, a protest group which is thought to be part of a Facebook campaign took to the streets this morning to stand against the etoll system. Here’s what went down.

These protesters called on motorists to act against the etoll system. They displayed a banner on the bridge which reads, “Sanral it’s over: Give it up!!!”

The aim of the protest is to show that the members refuse and resist paying etolls and to raise awareness for their stand. The group aims to plan a Saturday morning protest in which protesters display banners on many of the bridges that cross the highways throughout Gauteng.

What do you think about the etoll system? How has it affected you? We would appreciate to hear your thoughts about the etoll system.

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