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Eco tips for washing your car


WE, HERE at Autodealer, love a clean car and we pride ourselves in keeping our own and our test cars clean. However, with the recent heatwave and lack of decent rain, we need to consider the environment when it comes to cleaning our cars and there have been water restrictions put in place in some areas. We have compiled a list of ways in which you can save water, while washing your car.

Tip 1:

Wash your car in the shade. Why work in the hot sun? In fact, many car detailing kits recommend that you park the car in the shade and let the body cool down. Applying water (full of chemicals) to a hot surface can result in paint damage. You also don’t want your water to start evaporating

Tip 2:

Washing your car can be a great workout. Time yourself; get into a rhythm. Do it properly and not only will you cut down on the amount of time you take to wash your car but you’ll also cut down on the amount of water you use. Many of us end up spraying over areas that we’ve already gone over. 

Tip 3:

Don't use too much soap. The big catch is, most people actually use too much soap when washing their cars so more water is needed to wash the soap off. You just need to add enough so the water feels soapy, which is about one or two teaspoons. We also recommend that you use proper car shampoo - dishwashing liquid damages the paint.

Tip 4:

Get a shutoff nozzle fitted to your hosepipe. Many people don't have these nozzles fitted to their garden hoses, which means that when they walk to the hosepipe from the tap, water is running and vice versa. Some of us even throw the hosepipe into the garden while we wash our car, thinking that we’re killing two birds with one stone. We aren’t. Get a shutoff nozzle fitted. They have various settings, which can be an advantage and they will save you water. 

Tip 5:

If you are unable to wash your car, try finding an eco-carwash. There are many of these environmentally friendly places opening up. They restrict the amount of water that’s used and they recycle much of the water; they even use waterless products to clean your car. 

Tip 6:

If your car isn't that dirty that it needs a full-on valet, just fill two or three buckets with water. The average size of a bucket is five litres so 15 litres should be enough to get rid of a little bit of dust. Use one bucket and a sponge without soap to wet the car, then, gently wipe over the areas of dust. Rinse your sponge regularly. Once you’re done, apply water from the second bucket, this time with a bit of soap. Once that’s completed, use the water in the third bucket to rinse the car off.  

Tip 7:

Wash your vehicle on the grass. Avoid the pavement where water will just evaporate or run into the street. Soil acts as a natural filtration system for water. The soap will not harm your lawn. In fact, the lawn will help keep the soapy water out of the storm drain where it could possibly contaminate the water.

We need to start considering our environmental impact. Take note of things such as the fact that we have not had much rain. Reduce your water usage at home and at work. Adapt to the situations that are forever changing. 

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