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Eight of the worst car names – ever!


THE other day, here at the Autodealer office, we had a bit of a discussion and wondered why and how certain manufacturers come up with such terrible names for their vehicles. We decided to compile a list of vehicles that were named without much thought.

1. Ford Escort - Yes sure, 'escort' doesn’t have to mean someone who’s paid to accompany you to events and at times, assist with other unmentionable services. It could also mean, as explains: "protection, safeguard or guidance on a journey," which is probably what Ford was going for. We can’t help thinking about the other definition, every time the Escort is brought up, though.

2. Subaru Brat - Okay, in Subaru’s defence this is actually an acronym for Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter but seriously...the car will forever be spoiled as a result, can you see what we did there?

3. Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard - Do we even have to comment? This is what happens when a name is directly translated from Japanese - we fear.

4. Yamaha Pantryboy Supreme - This prototype vehicle actually exists and we still find it hard to believe that anyone would sign-off a name like this. Unfortunately, there appears to be a lack of images associated with the car, we wonder why…

5. Great Wall CoolBear - You can in fact buy a CoolBear, locally. We’ve actually driven one and surmised that it wasn’t particularly cool or bear-like in any way unfortunately.

6. Daihatsu Naked - This bare-bones city car comes with a 659cc motor and one of the most revealing names ever devised.

7. Suzuki Every Joy Pop Turbo - We’re sure the owner of a turbo car would never like to hear the words 'turbo' and 'pop' in the same sentence, let alone on the badge of their car.

8. Studebaker Dictator - Releasing a car with a name like this just before Adolf Hitler came into power wasn’t a great move. As a result, the car was re-named, 'Director.'

Can you think of any more poorly named vehicles? Please share them with us @autodealersa on Twitter or on our Facebook page Autodealersa

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