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Engen Wi-Fi hotspots light up highways over December


ENGEN is bringing Wi-Fi to its forecourts, with 32 hotspots set to come online at Engen 1-Stop service stations along the country’s main freeways by 15th December 2014.

“With 14 sites ready and 18 to come, Engen is doing everything possible to ensure its customers stay connected during the summer holidays,” said Mohamed Hassanally, Automated Innovations Manager at Engen’s Retail Business. “Now, passengers can also cruise the highways and gather information on their Smartphones and Tablets,” he said.

Dumisani Bengu, Engen’s Retail Business Manager, said: “We are constantly working to bring our customers new innovations that will enhance their shopping experiences.” 

How does it work?

Simply SMS your email address to 32707 and a unique pin will be sent to you to access Engen’s Wi-Fi service, there and then. Telkom Mobile subscribers get one-hour free. Each device is eligible for 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi per day,” said Hassanally. He also advised that travellers who cannot stay for half an hour at one service station shouldn’t worry, as their remaining Wi-Fi minutes can be spent at other Engen 1-Stops that offer the service. He explained that you don’t have to SMS again either, just hook up to the Engen hotspot and you’ll be connected.

In 2015/2016, Engen plans to roll out approximately 700 Wi-Fi hotspots across its network of service stations, beginning with wider coverage of its highway sites. It then plans to extend to its 1-Plus sites in the urban areas and finally, bringing the service to selected Engen service stations.

“It’s important to us that we enable our customers to fill up on fuel, convenience and now, megabytes at our service stations, which is in line with our pledge to always put the customer first,” said Bengu.

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