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Engen producing lubricants that can perform


WHEN it comes to your oil’s performance, Engen Petroleum is taking the lead in industrial lubricants as the product offers high performance under the difficult conditions industrial gearboxes have to endure.

Recently launched, the Gengear XEP series is designed to protect modern gearboxes, which are traditionally smaller and intended to handle higher power density and higher load capacity. In the past, the result put a lot of pressure on the lubricants but as Tony Kukard, Industrial Product Engineer, Engen Lubricants, explains: “Modern gear oils must be formulated with higher-quality components, designed to excel under these challenging conditions.”

Therefore, the Engen Gengear XEP range has been developed using the latest technology so that it meets a range of complex demands. Some of the enhancements provide clean gear performance and strong rust and corrosion protection.

Meeting all major industrial gear oil specifications and carrying the Siemens MD approval for use in Flender gearboxes, the oil uses the latest technology in additive systems thereby providing excellent protection against micro-pitting wear and resist foaming. The results show a significantly prolonged bearing life and friction modifiers for reduced power consumption and lower bulk oil temperatures.

 “When we assess oils we don’t just consider lubricating performance such as wear prevention and corrosion protection, but also compatibility between the oil and any part of the gearbox it touches. The Siemens lubricant specification includes testing for elastomer, sealant and paint compatibility, in addition to wear, micro-pitting and scuffing resistance,” says Kukard.

Gengear XEP grades are recommended for all industrial helical and spur-enclosed gear sets with circulation or splash lubrication systems. They can also be used in moderately-loaded worm -type gear sets.


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