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February fuel price not as low as it should be


Thanks to a slightly stronger Rand, the price of fuel has turned in our favour, however due to the recent budget speech it hasn’t turned as far as what we would have liked.

Due to an increase in the fuel levy the price of petrol will only cost you 40 cents less than the ideal 70 cents. As for diesel users, well its bad news for you. International demand for diesel is up which means that diesel will be costing you around 45 cents a litre more than before.

Organizations such as the AA said that the increased fuel levy is due to governments shortfalls and as a result the motorist must pay up. The increased levy will result in about R6.8 billion for the fiscus. The revenue is collected from the most economically active and heavily-taxed sector of the population.

Between 2015 and 2016 the fuel levy has increased to around 60 cents a litre with an additional 50 cents going to the Road Accident Fund since 2015.

Do you think it is fair for the government to squeeze every last cent out of the tax payer to compensate for its faliures or do you think that having fuel levees will benefit the general public?

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