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Four top tips to stay safe on the roads


WE ARE constantly reminded of the ever-present dangers that we face on the roads daily, with scary statistics and mortality rates. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a few tips that we feel road users should adhere to when tackling our roads:

  1. Check your vehicle

Unroadworthy vehicles have become a huge problem with a number of vehicles not being deemed worthy to travel on the roads. In this light, we encourage you to have your vehicles checked regularly, especially components that place you at risk of an incident such as brakes, tyres, lights and windscreen wipers. By keeping these items in good working order, you’ve already minimized your risk of an incident.

  1.  Be good to pedestrians and vice versa

We've seen that pedestrians make up between 35 to 40 percent of all road deaths. Drunk and disorderly pedestrians make up a large portion of these figures and our advice is simply… don’t drink and walk; this is not only dangerous – it’s highly illegal. We also recommend that drivers and pedestrians remain aware and vigilant. Road signs are there for safety reasons, so remain alert, obedient and patient. It’s imperative that children remain under strict supervision when near or when approaching a public road as many nasty incidents have taken place involving child pedestrians. If you’re the running or cycling-type of pedestrian, please, wear a high-visibility jacket to warn drivers of your presence.

  1. Avoid distractions behind the wheel

Distractions are not exclusive to texting; they encompass actions like adjusting the radio, drinking or eating, applying makeup, reading and even shaving or getting dressed while driving. The long and short of it is, keep your cell phone out of reach and ensure that you have everything prepared for your journey before you set off. These checks will help you to avoid disruptions which will affect your reaction time.

  1. Put down that drink

Everyone likes to unwind but that doesn’t mean you must drive yourself home after a few drinks. If you must have one too many, please ensure that you have a designated sober driver or that you make use of one of the many company’s out there who provide a drunken driving solution by means of a person who’ll drive you home - in your own car - for a nominal fee.


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