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Freedom Won making a green future a reality


MOVING beyond the realm of electric golf carts, Freedom Won (a company which markets converted electric cars) has been pioneering electric vehicle conversions for some time and have finally converted its first Game-viewing Vehicle.

Using a rather worn out Land Rover Defender 130 Pick-up with Crew Cab, the Freedom Won team gave the Land Rover new life when they placed 180 x 60Ah LifePO4 cells with 35kW/h, which is responsible for powering an 80kW permanent magnet 380V three-phase AC.

This engine produces a hearty 600Nm of torque, which means climbing over any rugged terrain one may encounter on a game drive isn’t an issue.  With no gearbox and permanent 4x4-drive, the amount of moving parts has been kept to a minimum to ensure that maintenance is kept to a minimum, especially in this vehicle’s harsh operating condition.

Capable of doing around 140km on a single charge, this large, busty Land Rover has a top speed of 115km/h and will take around eight hours to charge on a standard household plug.

Of course stripping out the engine and replacing it with batteries and converters means the car now carries an extra 250kg of weight.

Overall, it’s a very niche market. The electric game vehicle makes game sighting better as the Land Rover silently stalks the animals allowing you to view them easily.

This new addition to the Freedom Won line-up gets dubbed Freedom 3 and cost R370 000 to convert. It joins the others in the range which include a Toyota Prius (Freedom 2) and a Jeep Grand Cherokee (Freedom 1).

Future plans for this new green business, include electrifying game-viewing boats and mobile lighting plants.


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