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Fuel price relief in August UPDATE


The Petrol price will decrease by 51 cents per litre and Diesel comes down by 75.82 cents per litre tonight.


  1. Diesel (0.05% Sulphur) will decrease by 75.82 cents/ litre.
  2. Diesel (0.005% Sulphur) will decrease by 73.82 cents/ litre
  3. Illuminating paraffin (SMNRP) will decrease by 93.0 cents/litre.
  4. Illuminating paraffin (wholesale) will decrease by 70.0 cents/litre.
  5. Petrol (Both 93 and 95) will decrease by 51.0 cents/litre.
  6. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) will decrease by 89.0 cents/kilogram.

Article from 30 July 2015

THERE’S some good news… the fuel price is finally set to come down in August, after a number of recent increases. To put this into perspective, in January we were paying R11.02 per litre for 93 octane petrol and are currently forking out, R13.52 per litre.

The expected decrease should be in the region of 30 cents per litre for petrol and a whopping 60 cents per litre for diesel. Although, it’s been said the figures could increase to over 40 cents per litre for petrol and over 70 cents per litre for diesel.

The AA attributes the decrease to a steady fall in the price of oil recently, while on our side, the Rand has been holding against the US dollar despite the occasional slip.

Expect the announcement of the official decrease on 31st July and the actually decreases to the effect on 5th August 2015.

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