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Goodyear displays its prowess when it matters


INTRODUCING the EfficientGrip SUV tyre in Latin American markets later this month, rubber giant, Goodyear, delivered on its uncompromising ideal of tyres, with less rolling resistance, without sacrificing traction in wet conditions.

For more than a decade, Goodyear researchers and PPG Industries combined their expertise to determine the effects of chemically treated silica on tyre performance.

Used as a reinforcing agent, silica plays a crucial role in improving a car’s fuel consumption as it decreases rolling resistance of tyres, compared to conventional carbon black.

According to David Zanzig, director of Global Materials Science of Goodyear, silica plays a critical role in satisfying the customers’ needs for optimised performance.

“Our customers around the world are demanding more fuel-efficient tyres, but they want us to minimise the typical trade-offs,” said Zanzig.

The wonder ingredient, commonly found in a small bag on the inside of shoe boxes to control humidity, also helps the tyre industry reduce its environmental footprint.

Making the tyre-mixing process easier, silica benefits factories by consuming less energy during the production process.

According to Goodyear, the rest of the world can look forward to tyres containing silica, next year.

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