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Hot little Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy


IF YOU are anything like our editor, Sean Nurse, who loves hot Renaults, then you will appreciate this news story about a hot new Renault Clio RS.

Following in the legacy set by other Trophy models such as the 2005 Clio RS 182, the Mégane RS 265 and the current Mégane RS 275, the Clio RS 220 has been finely honed by Renault Sport’s passionate engineers to add even sharper handling, improved driving characteristics and increased performance, coupled with exclusivity and distinctive styling.

Renault has added a number of enhancements such as increased power and torque with Stop/Start technology and reduced CO2 emissions. A refined EDC transmission, quicker steering, a lower and stiffer chassis and upgraded tyres will make Renault's hot hatch even hotter.

If you think the 220 in the name refers to horsepower then you are correct. This new RS Trophy now has 220hp which is about 164kW for us South Africans.  Power has been increased by 20hp, which is about 15kWs. Torque is up as well from 240Nm to 260Nm. There’s also a 'Torque Boost' feature in fourth and fifth gear, which raises peak torque to 280Nm. The little engine has also been tuned to rev higher; revs have been increased from 6 500rpm to 6 800rpm.

The current Clio RS has been given much criticism due to its sequential gearbox. Changes are rough and slow, which lets the whole package down - in our opinion. Thankfully, the engineers have rectified the issue with the RS Trophy. There is a redefined EDC gearbox and reports suggest that gear changes are up to 40 percent faster in Normal and Sport mode and 50 percent faster in Race mode, thanks to software recalibration. There’s also a 30 percent reduction in steering-wheel paddle travel for more immediate changes. Earlier downshifts, for example under heavy braking on track, are permitted by optimised software calibration and the raised rev limit. Sport mode is now more flexible with gearshift change patterns more reactive to current driving style. Thank you, Renault, for fixing that!

The Clio Renault Sport 220 Trophy EDC is a numbered special edition that provides value for money in performance terms. It is aimed at the most demanding customers, such as track-day enthusiasts and those who appreciate the cutting-edge manner of Renault Sport's unrivalled expertise, like Sean.

The Clio Renault Sport 220 Trophy EDC will first go on sale in Europe, from June 2015, before being released in 10 other markets. Keep an eye on out Twitter account and Facebook page for more information.

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