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How do SA's best seller's fare in a crash?


With several vehicles being launched into the South African market, we thought that it may be of use to demonstrate how the best-selling vehicles in SA fare in a crash situation. Note that not all of these tests are conducted by the same institution but represent the markets in which these vehicles are sold. For example, the Volkswagen Polo Vivo is not for sale in Europe and therefore will not have a Euro NCAP safety rating, but rather have been tested by another organisation. Here are the most popular new vehicles in SA being put to the test:

Toyota Hilux (Euro NCAP 2016)

Ford Ranger (Euro NCAP 2012)

Volkswagen Polo Vivo (Latin NCAP 2013)

Volkswagen Polo (Euro NCAP 2009)

Isuzu KB (Euro NCAP 2012)

Toyota Corolla (Euro NCAP 2013)

Toyota Etios (Global NCAP 2015)

Ford EcoSport (Euro NCAP 2013)

Ford Fiesta (Euro NCAP 2012)

Renault Sandero (Euro NCAP 2013)

BMW 3 Series (Euro NCAP 2012)

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Euro NCAP (2014)


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